Apple of My Eye

The inspiration of this print came from the candid moments captured of how my boy and I looked at each other. There was so much love filled in our eyes.

As a mother, I enjoy watching what he is doing, thinking of how much he has grown, how will he be like when he grows up, and having lots of these mommy’s thought in mind.

This inspired me to design a print and name it Apple Of My Eye. The small apples refer to when the child is young. The big apple refers to when the child has grown up. We are trying to express you are always the Apple Of My Eye, no matter how much you have grown up that is where the tree comes in and comes along with “eye-shaped” falling leaves.

We also used vibrant colours to fill the print with joy & happiness. This is indeed what a child brings to our life. The love between the mother and child are infinity and irreplaceable. Hope all the mommies and kids love and enjoy this print created by FYN.