Refund Policy

All merchandises sold are non-refundable.

However, in the event of backorder cancellation due to unavailability of fabric, and others unforeseen circumstance, customers may opt for store credit or a full refund. 

Store credit will be credited into your FYN’s account for your future purchase. 

Full refund will be made via iBanking for local bank or Telegraphic Transfer for overseas bank.

Telegraphic Transfer charges for overseas bank will be held responsible by customers will not be refundable.

Our sales team will notify affected customers immediately and do the necessary arrangement.

For full refund option, customers will need to email us with the following detail:

  • Name: 
  • Order No.:
  • Telephone:
  • Bank account type and no.:
  • Name of Beneficiary Bank:
  • Bank Address of Beneficiary Bank:
  • Country:
  • Swift Address/Code: