During Chinese New Year, we are always looking forward to reunion with the family. So our team designed a print related to this occasion and named it Reunion (团圆).

As the theme is Reunion (团圆), we decided to use circle (圆) color blocking as the base of the print to resemble connection.

The elements on this print consisted of peony, twigs and the Chinese character Reunion (团圆). The peony is to resemble blooming flower, which brings prosperity and happiness (花开富贵). The white strokes as twigs is to resemble to have a lot of offsprings; luxuriant and flourishing (开枝散叶). In addition, for the kids we added the Chinese character Reunion (团圆).

We hope that all families love this Reunion (团圆) collection. Have fun twinning with your loved ones and dressing up together as a family. We would also like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year in advance!